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What are Barndominiums?

A barndominium is an open concept building that combines living space and a working area. The term can be used to describe any structure from a simple one story to a large, luxurious home.

The interior living area can include the same comfort and amenities you would find in a regular home from the basics of plumbing and electricity to the more luxurious including a second story, open floor plan, great room/ family room, vaulted ceiling, and even a wrap-around porch. 

The working area of a barndominium can include anything from a simple storage warehouse area to a large workshop. The working space can be customized to meet your needs and the type of business you have.

Barndominiums take approximately 10-12 months to construct. However, just like with a conventional home, a barndominium’s construction time depends on various factors such as the size and customization level. The building process on a simple barn structure can be done in just a matter of weeks.

In general, barndominiums are much quicker to build and can often be done in half the time as a traditional house. Barndominiums typically start at $235 per square foot when placed on a concrete slab, or $260 when placed on a basement. This price may vary based on the type of build the client desires.

Barndominiums offer exceptional value on a per square foot basis, and are exceptionally beneficial for large families or when a business requires a large workspace.