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Emil Izrailov -Lake Michigan Credit Union 
Dana Fox - Lake Michigan Credit Union

Jon Aucutt - Superior Bank
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Carri Goldring - Union Home Mortgage

   ‣ Call: 248-420-4524
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Brad Donnelly - Level One Bank

   ‣ Call: 248-320-8044 
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Sandra Arnold

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Michigan Custom Home Builder

When it comes to building a custom home, preparation is key. From lot location to room configuration, hopeful homeowners must have “all their ducks in a row” before breaking ground. Financing your new home can be stressful for the entire family. Michigan Barndominiums makes every step of the homebuying process worry-free. We offer a variety of financing options for every customer.

The Michigan Barndominium way is the belief; every family deserves the right to create or renovate their dream home. We understand this is not something that everyone can afford at any given time. You are saving a lot of money and receiving more input on your new home. If your family is considering a new home in Oakland County, please call us. We have several firms with resources to help a variety of homeowners.

  • Our preferred lender: Lake Michigan Credit Union at (248) 981-4300
  • Michigan’s largest construction lender
  • Streamlined builder process
  • Loans with as little as 5% down payment
  • Rates can be locked in before construction starts
  • Low fees and aggressive rates

Serving our clients with unrivaled innovation building the home of your dreams Is an exciting process for the whole family. undoubtedly there are a thousand questions at each step. Michigan Barndominiums answers those questions with our revolutionary home portal.

Log into your secure gateway and discover the excitement of your new home. We put a variety of information (there is a LOT) at your fingertips. Upgrades, financial decisions, questions to your lead contractor, photos, and much more are available any time of the day or night.
Do away with the garbled communications other contractors use; confusing emails, unreadable faxes, and who knows about those text messages—simple communication in real-time with the Michigan Barndominium home portal.

Selection sheet, stay on schedule; 

All the pertinent information about your new home is displayed on a color-coded list. Upcoming decisions are flagged automatically.

Change orders and expenses, no more sticker shock

Every outlay is reflected on the expense sheet. See how different choices on things like cabinets or garage doors affect the bottom line. Milestones, building a new home is an involved process with specific milestones that are completed on schedule. Check your builder’s progress and see what is coming up.


Ask your builder a question, and the answer is displayed on the list. (thousands of questions may be a tad too much)

Photos and files

Every piece of information throughout the entire process stored in a single folder. A great way to stay organized.


Submit warranty claims online after your new home is finished.


Updates by email, alerts, and tracking any incoming information by your builder is so much easier.

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